My professional interest is in the field of human resource management and how people
contribute to the success of the organization. Workplace culture, management style and
measurement of performance are other areas of professional interest. I teach
undergraduate courses in Human Resources Management, Frontline Supervisory Skills, and
Business Ethics. Graduate courses taught include The Legal and Social Environment of
Business. I have also taught undergraduate and graduate courses at our Luxembourg campus
and undergraduate business courses in the Irish Studies program in Dingle, Ireland.

Contributions to Books



Abusive Online Conduct: Discrimination and Harassment in Cyberspace (with Patricia Meglich), Business Faculty Publications (2013)

Discrimination and harassment that were once committed in real time have now moved to the...



Will "Smarter" Marketing End Social Discrimination? A Critical Review (with Frances Grodzinsky and Stephen J. Lilley), Computer Science & Information Technology Faculty Publications (2013)

Purpose - There are two claims made by the web marketing/advertising industry. 1) By collecting,...



Lean and Mean: Workplace Culture and the Prevention of Workplace Bullying (with Patricia Meglich), Business Faculty Publications (2012)

Workplace bullying has become a hot topic in the popular press as well as scholarly...



Revealing the Commercialized and Compliant Facebook User (with Stephen J. Lilley and Frances Grodzinsky), Sociology Faculty Publications (2012)

Purpose – Facebook users are both producers and consumers (i.e. “prosumers”), in the sense that...



Workplace Harassment: The Social Costs of Bullying (with Bridget M. lyons), Business Faculty Publications (2011)

Most research on workplace bullying uses survey results to understand working conditions, target and bully...


Book Review


Giving Voice to Values: How to Speak Your Mind When You Know What's Right (Book Review) (2010)

Book review by Andra Gumbus: Gentile, Mary. Giving Voice to Values: How to Speak Your...