Dr. Micu is a marketing communications specialist with solid industry experience
both full-time and as a consultant. Prior to her academic career she has worked for the
BBDO advertising agency and since then collaborated with a number of organizations
including The Estee Lauder Companies, The Advertising Research Foundation, Time Inc. and
Millward Brown. She served as a marketing communications expert witness in a trial where
the jury awarded plaintiffs $4 million. 

She is an enthusiastic academic who has been teaching students for a decade and has
conducted and published research in top advertising journals. Dr. Micu currently serves
as the editor of the American Academy of Advertising Newsletter. 

Degrees: MBA and Ph.D. from the University of Missouri-Columbia. 

Prof. Micu regularly teaches Advertising and Digital Advertising as well as the graduate
Digital Marketing course. She believes in blending textbook material with applied content
and current industry news and developments. 

Dr. Micu's research is in the areas of persuasion, news and advertising synergies,
consumer processing of electronic communication, targeting in the online environment, and
permission-based e-mail marketing. 



Examining Search as Opposed to Experience Goods when Investigating Synergies of Internet News Articles and Banner Ads (with Iryna Pentina), WCOB Faculty Publications (2015)

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to examine the applicability of the economics of...


Integrating Advertising and News about the Brand in the Online Environment: Are All Products the Same? (with Iryna Pentina), Business Faculty Publications (2012)

This research compares the effects of paid advertising (banner ad plus banner ad) and publicity...



The Shape of Marketing Research in 2021 (with Kim Dedeker, Ian Lewis, Robert Moran, Oded Netzer, Joseph T. Plummer, and Joel Rubinson), Business Faculty Publications (2011)

From an organizational strategy perspective, attributing changes to sweeping environmental triggers or long-term strategic planning...



Measurable Emotions: How Television Ads Really Work (with Joseph T. Plummer), Business Faculty Publications (2010)

Emotional responses are complex and should be measured against a variety of metrics. Five advertising...



Telling the Brand Story: Including News Articles in Online Promotional Strategies, Business Faculty Publications (2010)

Given the growing popularity of the Internet as a promotional medium, it is crucial for...


Contributions to Books

The History and Structure of Advertising Higher Education in Romania (with M. Moraru), Business Faculty Publications (2014)

Forthcoming. Not yet published as of Oct. 2013.



The Passive Shopping Stage: Keeping in Mind Brand Encounters, Business Faculty Publications (2010)

In marketing practice, brand managers have to split their budgets between brand advertising efforts and...




Testing for a Synergistic Effect Between Online Publicity and Advertising in an Integrated Marketing Communications Context, Business Faculty Publications (2005)

This dissertation examined the relationship among four exposure conditions in marketing communications (pure advertising, advertising...


Conference Presentations


You've Got News: A Permission-Marketing Model Using Sponsored Electronic Newsletters (with Clyde H. Bentley), WCOB Faculty Publications (2004)

A model is proposed for ISP customers to receive sponsored electronic newsletters in exchange for...


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