I am an Assistant Professor of Educational Research in the Department of Curriculum,
Foundations, and Reading in the College of Education at Georgia Southern University. I
earned my Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and Research with a concentration in Adult
Education at the University of Tennessee in 2012. 

My research interests focus on qualitative research in adult basic education,
particularly research involving school push-out, youths transitioning as adult learners,
instructional strategies for adult basic education, and ethical practice. I am also
interested in assumptions and knowledge claims made regarding adult basic education
student populations. I have an ardent interest in qualitative research methodology
including critical ethnography, performance ethnography, narrative, and discourse

At Georgia Southern University I work with graduate students pursuing their Masters,
Specialist, and Doctorate degrees in education. I currently teach four research courses
including an Introduction to Educational Research course and both Introduction and
Advanced Qualitative Methods courses. 

Qualitative Inquiry


Performing Professor (with Mary Alice Varga), Polymath: An Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Journal (2014)

In this piece, the authors, two newly named Ph.D.’s and new tenure track faculty members,...



Unraveled, Untold Stories: An Ethnodrama, Adult Education Quarterly (2014)

In this selection, the author provides a re-representation of data that honors the voice of...


"We're there to care for them as a whole:" Art and Reflection in the Clinical Nursing Experience (with Carrie Bailey), Innovations in Nursing Education: Building the Future of Nursing (2013)


Forced to Learn: Community-based Correctional Education (with Ron Mottern and Mary F. Ziegler), Journal of Qualitative Criminal Justice & Criminology (2013)

Community-based correctional education has received scant attention in adult literacy research yet mandatory education is...



G.E.D. in 3 Voices, Qualitative Inquiry (2012)

In this piece, the author experiments with re-presenting particular stories through poetic texts that contextualize...


Quantitative Research


Development and Validation of an Assessment of Adult Educators’ Reading Instructional Knowledge (with Sherry M. Bell, R Steve McCallum, Mary F. Ziegler, and Marybeth Coleman), Annals of Dyslexia (2012)

The purpose of this paper is to describe briefly the development and utility of the...



International Journal of Self-Directed Learning (with Carrie Bailey, Mary Nypaver, Tracy Rees, and Ralph G. Brockett), Learning Projects and Graduate Students: An Update of Tough’s Study (2011)

There have been many changes in self-directed adult learning since Tough’s (1971) original study of...


Teaching Practice


From Research to Practice: A Framework for Contextualized Teaching and Learning (with Valerie K. Ambrose and Mary F. Ziegler), Journal of College Reading and Learning (2013)

Developmental reading instructors are increasingly pressured to include real-world content into their curriculum to bring...


Position Papers


Reclaiming Social Justice: A Position Paper Investigating Competing Representations of Adult Education and Its Purpose in a Neo-liberal World (with Keara Sodano) (2011)

The push towards globalization puts the world’s wealth in the hands of only a few,...


Book Reviews


"A play is not a journal article:” A review of Johnny Saldaña’s Ethnotheatre: Research from Page to Stage, The Qualitative Report (2012)

Johnny Saldãna’s book, Ethnotheatre: Research from Page to Stage, does exactly what it sets out...