Associate Professor Allan Ellis MSc(Syd) PhD(Syd) BA(NE) GradDipExt(HAC)
GradDipEdStud(MCAE) GradDipDistEd(SACAE) DipEd(NE) DipContEd(NE) 

Allan is currently Director of Research and Research Training for the School of Commerce
and Management. 

He currently teaches and supervises post graduate students in the field of learning,
training, technology implementation and change management. His research interests are in
the areas of adult learning and educational technology with a particular focus on
electronic networks such as the Internet and the World Wide Web. Allan is the organiser
of the AusWeb Conference series and the Chair of the International World Wide Web
Conference Committee. 

Allan supervises post graduate research students enrolled in Masters, PhD and
Professional Docorates programs. He is a member of the International Centre for Change,
Innovation and Organisational Research and the Centre for Curriculum, Innovation and
Learning Technologies. He chairs the AusWeb conference series
and is member of the International World Wide Web conference Committee 

Journal articles


Understanding Australian first year university students’ experiences of teaching and learning technologies (with Diane Newton), International Journal on E-Learning (2012)

Access to information and communication technologies can enable academics to design courses with learning opportunities...



Virtual arts: visual arts education in the virtual world of Second Life (with Lisa Jacka), Australian Art Education (2010)

Virtual worlds are emerging as the new frontier in the use of ICTs for the...



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For organisations with hierarchical management and training cultures, e-learning provides opportunities for standardising content, delivery,...



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Over the last three decades new technologies have emerged which have the capacity to considerably...



The prevalence and characteristics of online assessment in Australian universities (with Rod Byrnes), Australasian Journal of Educational Technology (2006)

Assessment is one of the key elements of the teaching and learning process. It provides...



Organizing and managing your research: a practical guide for postgraduates (with Renata Phelps and Kath Fisher), School of Commerce and Management Papers (2007)

Organizational, management and technological skills are critical aspects of research and are often overlooked and...


Book chapters

Problems with online learning are systemic not technical (with Stewart Hase), Teaching & learning online : pedagogies for new technologies (2001)

Managing staff development for web-based teaching: a four stage model and its application (with Renata Phelps), Perspectives in web course management (2000)

Information technology and the NESB research student (with Renata Phelps), Supervising postgraduates from non-English speaking backgrounds (1999)

"Many universities in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have come to rely...


Conference publications


The architecture of learning spaces: designing in a virtual world for pre-service teacher education (with Lisa Jacka), Proceedings of World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications (2012)

Teachers have always been required to work within the classroom spaces provided to them. The...


Developing a checklist for evaluating virtual worlds for use in education (with Lisa Jacka), Proceedings of Global Learn Asia Pacific 2011 (2011)

The popularity of user-generated content in Virtual Worlds provides educators with an extensive range of...



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Over the past decade, teaching and learning in virtual worlds has been at the forefront...



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What are educators‟ motivations for using virtual worlds with their students? Are they using them...


Moving beyond four walls: a fully online delivery model (with Stephen Rowe), ED-MEDIA: Proceedings of World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications (2010)

As educational technologies evolve and become available they create opportunities and challenges for university teachers....