Dr. Alison Bowling BSc(Hons)(UTas) BA(Hons)(UTas) PhD(UTas) 

Dr Alison Bowling is a Lecturer in Psychology at Southern Cross University. Her
background is in perception, with a specific interest in the neural processes underlying
visual perception. While employed at Monash University she was granted an ARGC grant to
study the effect of peripheral stimuli on detection of motion. She has been involved in
collaborative research in a number of areas including cognition, admission histories of
psychiatric patients and the use of eye movements to investigate cognitive processes.
Current research interests include spatial memory, psychopharmacology and

Journal articles


Factors challenging and supporting scholarly activity for academic staff in a regional Australian university environment (with John Hurley, Jean Griffiths, and Duncan C. Blair), Journal of Further and Higher Education (2015)

With expectations of academic staff to achieve high quality teaching and research outputs as performance...



Saccadic eye movements as indicators of cognitive function in older adults (with Peter Lindsay, Belinda G. Smith, and Kerri Storock), Neuropsychology, Development and Cognition (2015)

Older adults appear to have greater difficulty ignoring distractions during day-to-day activities than younger adults....



How well do patients understand written instructions?: health literacy assessment in rural and urban rheumatology outpatients (with Peter K. Wong, Laura Christie, Jenny L. Johnston Dr, Diane Freeman, Fred Joshua, Paul Bird, Karen Chia, and Hanish Bagga), Medicine (2014)

The aim of this study was to assess health literacy (word recognition and comprehension)...



Prosaccade errors in the antisaccade task: differences between corrected and uncorrected errors and links to neuropsychological tests (with Emily A. Hindman and James F. Donnelly), Experimental Brain Research (2012)

The relations among spatial memory, Stroop-like colour-word subtests, and errors on antisaccade and memory-guided saccadic...



Effect of nicotine on saccadic eye movement latencies in non-smokers (with James F. Donnelly), Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental (2010)

Recently, saccadic eye movement tasks have been used to assess the effects of nicotine...


Contributions to Books


Using saccadic eye movements to assess cognitive decline with ageing (with Anja Draper), Current trends in eye tracking research (2014)


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