Alexis Anderson is an Associate Clinical Professor at the Law School's civil
litigation clinic at the Legal Assistance Bureau (LAB) in Waltham, MA. She joined Boston
College Law School in 1983 and has taught a range of clinical and legal history courses.
She currently teaches the Civil Litigation Clinic and the Survey Professional
Responsibility Course. Previously, she supervised BC Law's extern program and taught
and coordinated the first year legal ethics and skills course. In addition, she has
taught the survey American Legal History course and a seminar focusing on the development
of free speech theory. From 2001-04, she served as Director of Advocacy and faculty
advisor to BC Law's Board of Student Advisors. 

Prior to coming to Boston College Law School, Professor Anderson was a litigator in a
large, civil practice law firm in Philadelphia. She received her law degree and her
Masters in Legal History from the University of Virginia. In past summers, Professor
Anderson served as the project director for the State Department's Fulbright Summer
Institute for International Scholars, a six-week graduate level course for foreign
university professors co-hosted by Boston College Law School and the School of Arts and
Sciences. The program provided an opportunity for faculty to develop international
contacts and share perspectives on the role of law in the development of the American
character, political system, and culture. 

Professor Anderson remains active in regional and national clinical organizations and
continues to publish in both the clinical, ethics and legal history fields. 



Challenges of “Sameness”: Pitfalls and Benefits to Assumed Connections in Lawyering (with Lynn Barenberg and Carwina Weng), Clinical Law Review (2012)


Professional Ethics in Interdisciplinary Collaboratives: Zeal, Paternalism and Mandated Reporting (with Lynn Barenberg and Paul R. Tremblay), Clinical Law Review (2007)

Contributions to Books


George M. Bourquin (1863-1958), Yale Biographical Dictionary of American Law (2009)


George W. Anderson (1861-1938), Yale Biographical Dictionary of American Law (2009)
Ethical Issues in Externships: Confidentiality, Learning From Practice: A Professional Development Text for Legal Externs (2007)

Selected Professional Activities

Introduction to American Civil Litigation, International Summer School, Renmin University (2014)
Insights into American Law, Renmin University and Boston College Law School (2013)
Co-Presenter, Challenges of Sameness (with Maritza Karmely and Lynn Barenberg), New England Regional Clinical Conference (2010)

Web-based Tutorials

Ethics for Clinics (2010)