Dr Alex Russell, BSc (Psychology, USyd '04) GDS (with merit, Psychology, USyd,
'07) PhD (Psychology, USyd, '14) 

Alex Russell studied his PhD through the School of Psychology at the University of
Sydney, supervised by Professor Bob Boakes. His research examined how people learn to
identify elements in wine samples and whether they can be trained to improve their
performance over a short period of time. His fourth-year project was also based on wine
perception, examining the verbal overshadowing effect in wine descriptions. 

During his time at the University of Sydney, he was heavily involved in teaching the
various statistical and research methods courses in the School of Psychology as a Tutor,
Senior Tutor, Casual Lecturer and Course Coordinator. He has also taught quantitative
methods in the School of Business at the University of Sydney and has guest lectured at
the Sydney campus for New York University. 

His recognised strengths in quantitative research led to him joining the Centre for
Gambling Education and Research at Southern Cross University with Professor Nerilee Hing
and Dr Sally Gainsbury. In this position, he is involved in many of the Centre's
research projects as Chief Statistical Analyst. 

Most of his published works have stemmed from his work with the CGER at SCU, although he
has also published work from his PhD and from various other research collaborations. 

His publication record as a Postgraduate student was recognised with Postgraduate
Publication Prizes through the School of Psychology at the University of Sydney in 2012
and again in 2013. 

He has reviewed articles for journals in gambling and in perception. 

Journal Articles


Characteristics and help-seeking behaviors of internet gamblers based on most problematic mode of gambling (with Nerilee Hing, Sally M. Gainsbury, and Alex Blaszcynski), School of Business and Tourism (2015)

Background: Previous studies of problem Internet gamblers have failed to distinguish whether their problem gambling...



Aboriginal card gamblers and non-card gamblers: do they differ? (with Nerilee Hing, Helen Breen, and Ashley Gordon), International Gambling Studies (2014)

Many Indigenous populations engage in traditional gambling games, but little is known about their contemporary...



An investigation of social casino gaming among land-based and Internet gamblers: a comparison of socio-demographic characteristics, gambling and co-morbidities (with Sally M. Gainsbury and Nerilee Hing), Computers in Human Behavior (2014)

Social casino games are free-play online games that feature gambling themes, but do not payout...



Gambling among Indigenous men and problem gambling risk factors: an Australian study (with Nerilee Hing, Helen Breen, and Ashley Gordon), International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction (2014)

This paper aims to analyse the gambling activities and problem gambling risk factors for Indigenous...



Gambling harms and gambling help-seeking amongst Indigenous Australians (with Nerilee Hing, Helen Breen, and Ashley Gordon), Journal of Gambling Studies (2014)

This paper aimed to analyze the harms arising from gambling and gambling-related help-seeking behaviour within...


Book chapters

Asylum seekers as political spectacle (with Jake Lynch and Annabel McGoldrick), Media and terrorism: global perspectives (2013)



The impact of partial liberalization of internet gambling: a comparison of internet and non-internet gamblers (with Sally M. Gainsbury, Nerilee Hing, Alex Blaszczynski, Robert Wood, and Dan Lubman), 15th International Conference on Gambling & Risk Taking (2013)