Ajla Aksamija, PhD, LEED AP BD+C, CDT is an Assistant Professor at the University of
Massachusetts Amherst. She received PhD in Architecture from the University of Illinois
at Urbana-Champaign, with an emphasis on technology and environment. Her
interdisciplinary research approach spans architecture, engineering, material and
computer science. Her research expertise includes building science and sustainability,
emerging technologies, digital design and representations, information modeling, and
knowledge management. 

Dr. Aksamija directed Perkins+Will Building Technology Laboratory (“Tech Lab”), one of
the first practice-driven research laboratories focusing on advanced building
technologies, high-performance buildings, computational design, and building facades. Her
prior professional experience also includes US Army Corps of Engineers ERDC Construction
Engineering Research Laboratory and City of Champaign. She has taught advanced
environmental building design at the University of Pennsylvania, and instructed
architectural design studios and seminars. She has worked on developing building analysis
and modeling applications, implementation of novel materials in architectural design,
development of computational models, and has collaborated with researchers from material
science, civil and environmental engineering and computational design. 

Dr. Aksamija has contributed to several books (The Skyscraper and the City: Design,
Technology and Innovation and Knowledge Management: Research and Applications), and has
published over fifty research articles and invited papers, published by Artificial
Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing Journal, International
Journal of Architectural Computing, Design Principles and Practices: An International
Journal, Complexity Journal, etc. Her recent book, Sustainable Facades: Design Methods
for High-Performance Building Envelopes, was published by John Wiley & Sons. She has
presented at various national and international conferences, and is a frequent speaker at
industry-based, scientific and academic conferences. She is the founder and editor of the
Perkins+Will Research Journal. 

Books and Technical Reports


Future of Architectural Research: Proceedings of the Architectural Research Centers Consortium Conference (with John Haymaker and Abbas Aminmansour) (2015)

Research in architectural design and the built environment is diversifying and reaching new directions. Technological...



Sustainable Facades: Design Methods for High-Performance Building Envelopes (2013)

This book focuses on the strategies and approaches for designing sustainable, high-performance building facades, and...



Tech Lab Annual Report 2012 (2013)

Tech Lab Annual Report 2012 includes selected research studies and reports, white papers, publications and...



Tech Lab Annual Report 2011 (2012)

Tech Lab Annual Report 2011 includes selected research studies, reports, publications, and also provides an...



Tech Lab Annual Report 2010 (2011)

Tech Lab Annual Report 2010 includes selected research studies, reports, publications, and also provides an...


Contributions to Books and Book Chapters


BIM-Based Building Performance Analysis in Architectural Practice: When, Why and How, Architecture and Sustainability: Critical Perspectives for Integrated Design (2015)

In architectural design, Building Information Model (BIM) is equivalent to the virtual representation of buildings...



Knowledge Management in Architecture and Construction Industry, Knowledge Management: Research and Applications (2008)

The complexity of projects and scales and the multidisciplinary nature of buildings constructed today call...



Megacities and Megastructures: Beyond Cities and Skyscrapers, The Skyscraper and the City: Design, Technology and Innovation (2007)

This chapter discusses super tall buildings, mega-cities, and innovative technologies in tall building design. It...



Urban Infrastructure and Services: Livable Cities in Balance, The Skyscraper and the City: Design, Technology and Innovation (2007)

This chapter discusses relationships between cities and tall buildings, characteristics of livable cities, infrastructure and...




A Strategy for Energy Performance Analysis at the Early Design Stage: Predicted vs. Actual Building Energy Performance, Journal of Green Building (2015)

Developments in information technology are providing methods to improve current design practices, where uncertainties about...



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This research article discusses the methods for designing sustainable, high-performance facades, and the necessary steps...



High-Performance Building Envelopes: Design Methods for Energy-Efficient Facades, Proceedings of the Building Enclosure Science and Technology (BEST) 4 Conference (2015)

The objective of this paper is to discuss design methods for sustainable, high-performance facades, and...



Innovation and BIM in Architectural Education: Teaching Advanced Digital Technologies to Beginner Designers, Proceedings of the 31st National Conference on the Beginning Design Student 2015 (2015)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is currently creating a paradigm shift in architectural profession, changing the...



Integrating Building Performance Analysis with Design for High-Performing Facades, Journal of the National Institute of Building Sciences (2015)

High-performance sustainable facades can be defined as exterior enclosures that use the least possible amount...


Popular Press


Current Trends in Fire Safing: Complex Curtain Wall Geometry and Material Selection for Passive Fire Protection (with Bruce Toman), Fire Protection Engineering Magazine (2011)

The mechanisms of floor-to-floor fire spread at the exterior walls have been established by the...



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In most professions today, there is an inherent need for continuous research in order to...



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Research in architecture and design is not a new phenomenon. Gradual technological changes over the...



Perkins+Will Research Journal: Integration of Design and Research within a Global Practice (with Kalpana Kuttaiah), Contract Magazine (2011)

What exactly constitutes “research” for design practices? Why is it important? How is it relevant?...



Innovations in Architecture: Materials, Design and Technology (keynote presentation), SpArc Canada (2015)

Design professionals are currently faced with many challenges—rapid technological changes, necessity to innovate and raise...


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