Green Infrastructure


'Learning by doing': adaptive planning as a strategy to address uncertainty in planning (with Sadahisa Kato) (2008)

Adaptive management, an established method in natural resource and ecosystem management, has not been widely...


Applied Landscape Ecology


Applying Landscape Ecological Concepts and Metrics in Sustainable Landscape Planning, Landscape and Urban Planning (2002)

It is increasingly recognized that more sustainable approaches are needed for planning and managing landscapes...


No subject area


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Recent research and professional interest in planning for sustainable and resilient cities emphasizes the assessment...



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Urbanization is expected to occur at different rates around the world but will mostly occur...



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Abstract: The extent to which the 21st Century world will be "sustainable" depends in large...



Gloucester Marine Station: Future Development Feasibility Study (with Ben Eli Webb), Landscape Architecture & Regional Planning Graduate Research and Creative Activity (2010)

The study commenced in July 2009 with historical research about the site and its context,...