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Open Culture at the Heart of the University: Libraries as Multicommons

Anna K. Gold, California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo


The university library can be reconceptualized as a powerful engine for open culture. A generative and regenerative center that naturally brings disciplines, cultures, and generations together, the university library can expand its role in open culture far beyond sharing institutionally-produced research and data through open repositories. Drawing on the experience of a public polytechnic university, this presentation documents the emergence of a university library as a system of open culture programs and as a place where a speeding culture can stop to dialogue, think, and create: generating collective interactive learning; fostering collaboration with open data; cultivating open conversations and learning communities; integrating open education into courses and informal learning; and furthering peer-to-peer learning. The presentation also introduces the topic of organizational learning about processes that invite community engagement.

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Anna K. Gold. "Open Culture at the Heart of the University: Libraries as Multicommons" OKCon: Open Knowledge Conference 2013. Geneva, Switzerland. Sep. 2013.
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