Adam J. MacLeod is an Associate Professor at Faulkner University, Thomas Goode Jones
School of Law and former visiting fellow in the James Madison Program in American Ideals
and Institutions at Princeton University. He is the author of Property and Practical
Reason (Cambridge University Press) and dozens of articles and essays. He also speaks and
writes as a public intellectual and advises policy institutes and elected officials. 

Professor MacLeod has taught as a faculty member of the Witherspoon Institute's
Moral Foundations of Law seminar. He teaches courses concerning property, private law
theory, and the intersection of law, ethics, and public policy. 

Professor MacLeod writes about jurisprudence and property law. His scholarly articles and
book reviews have appeared in peer-reviewed journals and law reviews in the United
States, United Kingdom, and Australia. He regularly contributes to the journal Public

He received his B.A., summa cum laude, from Gordon College (MA) and his J.D., magna cum
laude, from the University of Notre Dame Law School. After law school, he served as law
clerk to Chief Justice Christopher Armstrong and Justice Benjamin Kaplan of the
Massachusetts Appeals Court and to Chief Judge Lewis Babcock of the United States
District Court for the District of Colorado. He entered private practice in the Boston
area, where he litigated and tried cases. 

He is a member of Christ Church in Montgomery, where he attends with his wife and
daughters. A former and founding member of the Pneuma Brass Quintet in Boston, he is an
avid musician, runner, cyclist, skier, hiker, and Notre Dame partisan. 


Book and Book Chapter: 

• PROPERTY AND PRACTICAL REASON (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2015) 

• The Substantial Burden Test in RLUIPA, in ZONING AND PLANNING LAW HANDBOOK (ed.
Patricia E. Salkin, West Publishing 2012) 

Academic Articles: 

• Bridging the Gaps in Property Theory, 77 Modern Law Review 1009 (2014) 

• Universities as Constitutional Lawmakers, 17 University of Pennsylvania Journal of
Constitutional Law Online 1 (2014) 

• Private Rights and Duties, Faulkner Law Review (forthcoming 2014) 

• Identifying Values in Land Use Regulation, 101 Kentucky Law Journal 55 (2012) 

• The Mystery of Life in the Laboratory of Democracy: Personal Autonomy in State Law, 59
Cleveland State Law Review 589 (2012) 

• Resurrecting the Bogeyman: The Curious Forms of the Substantial Burden Test in RLUIPA,
40 Real Estate Law Journal 115 (2011) 

• Empathy’s White Elephant: Responding to the Subprime Mortgage Crisis Without
Denigrating the Poor, 9 Georgetown Journal of Law & Public Policy 283 (2011) 

• A Non-Fatal Collision: Where Religious Land Uses and Community Interests Meet, 42 Urban
Lawyer 41 (2010) 

• A Gift Worth Dying For?: Debating the Volitional Nature of Suicide in Personal Property
Law, 45 Idaho Law Review 93 (2008) 

• The Search for Moral Neutrality in Same-Sex Marriage Decisions, 23 BYU Journal of
Public Law 1 (2008) 

• All for One: A Review of Victim-centric Justifications for Criminal Punishment, 13
Berkeley Journal of Criminal Law 31 (2008) 

• The Groningen Protocol: Legalized Infanticide in the Netherlands and Why it Should Not
be Adopted in the United States, 10 Michigan State Journal of Medicine & Law 557

Academic Book Reviews: 

• Judging What?: A Review of ROBERT KATZMANN, JUDGING STATUTES, Library of Law and
Liberty (February 2015) 

• Who’s Afraid of Legislative Intent?: A Review of RICHARD EKINS, THE NATURE OF
LEGISLATIVE INTENT, Library of Law and Liberty (February 2014) 

• At and Along: A Review of THE LAW AND ETHICS OF MEDICINE by John Keown, 34 Adelaide Law
Review 211 (2013) 

• Review of WHAT IS MARRIAGE: MAN AND WOMAN—A DEFENSE, Journal of Faith and the Academy

• Review of JEAN PORTER, MINISTERS OF THE LAW, 4 Journal of Faith and the Academy 68

Unpublished Papers


Rights, Privileges, and the Future of Marriage (2015)

On the eve of its final triumph, has the cause of marriage equality fallen short?...