Abdessalem Abbassi is an assistant professor in the Faculté des Sciences Économiques
et de Gestion de Nabeul(Tunisia). He is also an adjunct professor in the Department of
Agricultural Economics and consumer studies at Laval University and a member of the
Centre for Research in the Economics of Agri food (CREA). He received his Ph.D. from
Laval University. His research interests are agricultural trade liberalization and
industrial organization. 



Do Inventories Have an Impact on Price Transmission? Evidence From the Canadian Chicken Industry (with Lota Tamini D. and Jean-Philippe Gervais), Agribusiness: an International journal (2012)

This paper investigates the influence of inventories in explaining the magnitude of price transmission. Using...


Evaluating Reforms in Canadian Chicken Marketing Mechanisms Using a Linear-Quadratic Inventory Model (with Jean-Philippe Gervais), Journal of Agricultural & Food Industrial Organization (2010)

Marketing institutions in supply managed industries are evolving due to broad globalization pressures. The output...



Dairy Trade Liberalization Impacts in Canada (with Abdessalem Abbassi, Olivier Bonroy, and Jean-Philippe Gervais), Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics (2008)

Supply management in Canada is facing broad trade liberalization pressures. This paper uses a spatial...


Unpublished Papers


Risk Aversion and Dynamic Games Between Hydroelectric Operators under Uncertainty (with Ahlem Dakhlaoui and Lota Tamini) (2014)

This article analyses management of hydropower dams within two different industrial structures: monopolistic and oligopolistic;...



Production Cost Asymmetry, Minimum Access and Reciprocal Dumping (2013)

In this article we propose a bilateral dumping model in which the minimum access level...



Trade liberalization and inter-provincial dumping in a spatial equilibrium model: the case of the Canadian dairy industry (with Bruno Larue) (2011)

The paper introduces imperfect competition in a spatial equilibrium model of provincial dairy markets to...