PURPOSE: The Committee serves to promote the scholarship of the American Association
of Law Libraries' membership by administering the Call for Papers competition. 

CHARGE: The Committee shall promote the writing of scholarly papers and coordinate a
program at the Association's annual meeting offering an opportunity for the winners
of the prize to present their work highlighting various aspects of their writing process.
To this end, the Committee shall establish categories or divisions of eligibility of the
appropriate criteria for selection of winning works; review and set the number of
creative works which will be selected as winners; administer any financial award which
may be available for distribution to winners; and review papers or creative works and
select winners. The Committee shall recommend to the editor of the Law Library Journal
those papers which are suitable for publication. 

Open Division


Forensic Bibliography: Reconstructing the Library of George Wythe, Law Library Journal (2013)

The Wolf Law Library at the College of William and Mary initiated a project to...



The Practitioners’ Council: Connecting Legal Research Instruction and Current Legal Research Practice (with David L. Armond and Shawn G. Nevers), Law Library Journal (2011)

In order to better prepare law students to perform legal research outside of academia, legal...



The Need for Faculty Status and Uniform Tenure Requirements for Law Librarians, Law Library Journal (2011)

Various statuses, tenure tracks, and performance review standards exist in law librarian tenure or continuous...



The Truthiness of Thinkable Thoughts Versus the Facts of Empirical Research, Law Library Journal (2010)

Mr. Custer considers the use of “literary warrant” as it affects the usefulness of the...


New Members Division


A View from the Flip Side: Using the “Inverted Classroom” to Enhance the Legal Information Literacy of the International LL.M. Student, Law Library Journal (2013)

International students enrolled in LL.M. programs in U.S. law schools come with a wide variety...



"Information is Cheap, but Meaning is Expensive": Building Analytical Skill into Legal Research Instruction, Law Library Journal (2013)

Law students and new attorneys must have well-developed analytical skills in order to find information...



Resource-Based Learning and Course Design: A Brief Theoretical Overview and Practical Suggestions, Law Library Journal (2012)

Ms. Butler argues that librarians teaching legal research should follow resource-based learning pedagogical strategies. Her...



A Jester's Promenade: Citations to Wikipedia in Law Reviews, 2002-2008, I/S: A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society (2012)

Due to its perceived omniscience and ease-of-use, reliance on the online encyclopedia Wikipedia as a...



Indexing and Full-Text Coverage of Law Review Articles in Nonlegal Databases: An Initial Study, Law Library Journal (2010)

Mr. Koulikov examines the level of coverage that articles originally published in law reviews receive...


Student Division


It's All Enumerative: Reconsidering Library of Congress Classification in U.S. Law Libraries, Law Library Journal (2014)

Ms. Hallows investigates the widespread use of Library of Congress Classification in U.S. law libraries...



Training in FCIL Librarianship for Tomorrow's World, Law Library Journal (2013)

Foreign, comparative, and international law (FCIL) librarianship has grown in importance along with the increased...



Restoring the Public Library Ethos: Copyright, E-Licensing, and the Future of Librarianship, Law Library Journal (2012)

Mr. Cross describes the privileged nature of libraries in copyright law and the way that...



Moving Past Web 2.0h! An Exploratory Study of Academic Law Libraries (2010)

Web 2.0 continues to be a popular topic within the library community. This article reports...



What if Law Journal Citations Included Digital Object Identifiers?: A Snapshot of Major Law Journals (2010)

Prevailing citation practice in law journals is to use uniform resource locators (URLs) when citing...


Short Form Division


Law Libraries Linking Data to Mobile Devices: Save Patrons’ Time and Stay Hip (with Anna Russell and Carli Spina), AALL Spectrum (2012)