Kordela's interdisciplinary approach to German and cultural studies is based on
her expertise in intellectual history, philosophy, critical theory, Lacanian
psychoanalysis, economic and political theory, theories of ideology, film analysis and
visual theory and literature and literary theory. One distinguishing aspect of both her
research and teaching is her focus on the relation between economic structures and
metaphysics in secular capitalist modernity. 

EDUCATION: B.A., University of Athens, Greece M.A., University of Pittsburgh Ph.D.,
Cornell University 

Kordela has been teaching at Macalester since 1998. 



Freedom and confinement in modernity: Kafka's cages (with Dimitris Vardoulakis) (2011)

Contributions to Books

Commodity Fetishism and the Gaze, Sparks Will Fly: Benjamin and Heidegger (2015)

Being or Sex, and Differences, Sexual Difference Between Psychoanalysis and Vitalism (2014)


(Marxian-Psychoanalytic) Biopolitics & Bioracism, Penumbra (2013)

The full issue can be found at http://re-press.org/books/penumbra.



The Surplus Gaze of Legibility: Guilt, Ethics, and Out-of-Field in Deleuze, Lacan, and Žižek, Psychoanalyzing Cinema: A Productive Encounter with Lacan, Deleuze, and Žižek (2012)



Commodity Fetishism Means that Fantasy is Objectivity, Interview, Specimen Magazine (2012)


Bioracism, or, Spiritual Evolutionism, Macalester International (2011)